Selling Your Property

"We are collaborative, accountable, and no one cares more about achieving your goal." - Lauren Hruby

Selling your most valuable asset is a big deal. In some instances, you are selling more than just a structure made of wood and bricks; you are selling memories. This transaction can be very emotional for some and needs to be as seamless and stress-free as possible. You need someone who will be a fully committed partner that is completely aligned with your goals… and that is where we shine.

Even if you are selling an investment property with no emotional connection, you will appreciate our collaborative and hands-on process that ensures you get top dollar for your asset with minimal aggravation.

Our Process

Discovery Meeting

We call our initial consultation a “discovery meeting” because to achieve your goal requires a fully committed partner. In this meeting, we will spend time learning everything about the property and what your goal is. We will have an in-depth discussion on the current market, including a review of recent comparable sales. We will also discuss any recommendations to improve the salability of the property and how to market it appropriately. Most importantly, we will outline exactly what to expect over the next several weeks and how we will help you every step of the way.

This meeting can happen up to 6 months before the desired sale date in the event you want some updates, or if you feel your property requires updating. (In fact, feel free to reach out to us with questions about the value of home updates/renovations anytime! We’re happy to be a resource to you as a homeowner, not just as a buyer or seller.)

In the event your property requires updating to make it more salable, our team will fully manage all projects. This no-charge service includes contacting and vetting vendors, gathering proposals and discussing the differences with you, hiring the vendors, overseeing the work, and confirming it is completed to your satisfaction.

Project Management
Marketing The Property

Your property is now ready for sale. We want to make it as attractive as possible, and we achieve this with professional photography and it can include drone footage and 3-D walkthroughs along with a thorough overview of the property’s features. Once our marketing materials are created, we begin to share it with the world via social media, website promotion, and listing on the MLS and 300+ syndicated sites, including Zillow,, and Trulia.

In the days prior to listing the property, our team leverages our massive network of buyers agents in the area who represent and advise pre-qualified buyers looking for something like your property. This is a critical step, as some of our best transactions can occur “off-market.”

Prequalified candidates interested in seeing your home will use our 3rd party scheduling service. These showings will be set up and catered around your life schedule.

During the current pandemic, our team goes to great lengths to protect you and your home during these showings. We provide hand sanitizer, shoe coverings, and explicit instructions to all qualified buyers and their agents on the specific safety protocols for your home. Your safety is our top priority, so please feel free to review our Covid-19 procedures for home showings here.

Showing The Property
Manage Incoming Offers

People will want to buy your property. However, every offer is unique, and it is our responsibility to analyze each offer, vet each buyer, and help you find the standout. We will also carefully review each contract to confirm you will be fully protected, financially, and legally throughout the transaction.

It is our responsibility to work with the seller’s agent (and the seller) to get you the absolute best price possible. In any negotiation, knowledge is leverage, and our in-depth experience and continuous education allow us to always have the upper hand.

Offer Accepted - Deposit Paid

At this point, we will thoroughly examine the contract legalese to confirm you are fully protected prior to submitting your earnest deposit.

We want to make sure the home is exactly what you expect it to be. The best way to achieve this is by hiring professional home inspectors. We have carefully selected a group of home inspectors for you to choose from that will make a critical examination of the property and point out any necessary or impending repairs.

Home Inspection Scheduled
Renegotiation Based On Inspection

Sometimes homes are hiding issues. These issues should not be a surprise expense for you once you take possession. If your home inspectors identify something significant, we will begin renegotiating the contract to protect your interests.

Prior to money changing hands, we need to make sure the deed to the home is clear of any issues like tax liens, financing and that the owner is on record. This task is performed by our Title company, Platinum Title, LLC, which we will hire on your behalf to avoid any issues in the future.

Property Title Check
Closing Day

Your home has been inspected, the title is clear, your finances are in order, and now it is time to get the keys! All of our closings take place at the buyer’s Title company.

Just because we’ve finished this part of the home buying process, doesn’t mean our relationship ends. We are here for you, your friends, and your family any time you need us. Whether for a referral in the home buying/selling process, a recommendation for a handyman or tree trimmer, or finding a lender to refinance with, we’re here for you. Relationships mean everything to us!


Success Stories

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